coaching empresarial


We specialize in Corporate coaching and Executive Coaching. We help companies, brands and entrepreneurs during change, transformation and improvement. we offer coaching for teams and for individuals  as well as tailored workshops in which we provide basic coaching tools to enhance performance and leadership.


We provide services in Spanish, Catalan and English. Our most common demands are:


  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Team buildings and Coaching for teams
  • Communication and Assertiveness
  • Active Listening and Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Employee Experience
  • Transformation and Leadership
  • 360 Assessments and work environment surveys
  • Motivation and Accountability 

    We work with your teams’ skills and competence both coaching them individually and in teams, as we consider that change starts within and is then transmitted to others and translated in better results. A team that has been coached and given coaching tools is, doubtless to say, smarter, more agile and productive. 


Corporate coaching can help your company achieve your goals, be more aligned with your mission, vision and values and have more efficient teams. It is only with a strong team than a company can succeed in such volatile and fast paced environment. 


We would love to meet you,  know what your needs are and see how we can help you design an action plan so that your corporation can grow and thrive. 




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